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50 Kg bags

Rice gluten meal is the residue(in dried form) from rice after the removal of starch, and separation of the bran by the process employed in the wet milling manufacture of rice starch or syrup. Rice gluten meal has an above average amino acid profile, vitamins and high protein content. Thus is an excellent option for animal feedsfor reducing ration cost, replacing portions of expensive soybean meal, corn and di-calcium phosphate, and hence resulting in real cost reduction opportunity.


• Rice Gluten has low amylase content and is thus an excellent source of highly digestible protein.

• Rice Gluten has high amount of amino acids and proteins and is ideal for livestock having corn and wheat allergies.

• Rice Gluten is high in methionine, an amino acid required for adequate feathering.

• Yeast fermentation product that contains 3-5% dried yeast cells that provide B vitamins, promotes palatability and increased feed consumption.

• It is free from rancidity and toxicity.

• Rice Gluten is being successfully used in poultry and Aquatic livestock nutritional protein requirements.


Protein 45% min 40% min
Moisture Less Than 10% Less Than 10%
Sand Silica Less Than 2% Less Than 2%
Fat 5%-6% 5%-6%
Appearance Whitish Whitish
Energy 2900 Kcal 2900 Kcal