All you need to know about Rice Gluten

All you need to know about Rice Gluten

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  • 2022-01-17
Some Interesting Attributes Regarding Rice DDGS

Rice gluten meal is the dried residue obtained from rice after the starch and the bran has been separated by the wet milling process used to make rice starch, syrup, or glucose.

Rice gluten meal has a high protein content, additional vitamins, and an above-average amino acid composition. Due to this, it's an ideal alternative for reducing ration cost in animal feeds by replacing portions of expensive soybean meal, corn, and di-calcium phosphate, and therefore lowering feed costs for farmers and feed manufacturers.

Advantages of Rice Gluten

Rice Gluten offers livestock a high protein content and is high in amino acids. It is a common animal feed ingredient and a suitable substitute for soy meal, lowering animal feed manufacturing costs by 10 to 20%. It contains a large number of amino acids and proteins, making it appropriate for livestock that are allergic to corn and wheat. This meal has a better biological value than wheat gluten or corn gluten because of its low cost and positive results.

Rice Gluten Meal has a low amylase concentration, making it an excellent source of highly digested protein. It is rich in amino acids and proteins which make it ideal for livestock who have allergies to corn and wheat. It doesn't have any rancidity or toxicity. Rice gluten is being used to provide the nutritional protein needs of poultry, livestock, and aquaculture.

Our rice gluten is specifically produced to meet the nutritional needs of cattle. The need for a protein-rich diet for poultry, fish, and other livestock cannot be overstated. It helps in the development and enhancement of the cattle's ability to resist numerous infections. Rice gluten meals have a higher biological value than wheat gluten and corn gluten. It's perfect for use as a raw material for primary feed, not only because it's hypoallergenic but also because it's low in slag.

Why choose Rice Gluten Manufacturers like Prorich Agro Private Limited?

  • High digestibility percentage
  • Rich nutritional value
  • Toxic free with no contamination
  • Less moisture percentage
  • Long shelf life
  • Hygienically packed