Corn Gluten Meal and its benefits

Corn Gluten Meal and its benefits

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  • 2022-01-27
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Corn Gluten is a by-product that is obtained from the wet milling industry or from producers of starch, sweeteners and other products. It is enriched in fiber ingredients that contain high amounts of rich nutritious starch and protein. Moreover, it is widely used as feed ingredients in cattle diet as the source of protein and energy which is beneficial in easy digestion. The best Corn Gluten Meal Manufacturers like Prorich Agro Private Limited offer the best quality corn gluten in the market.

Corn Gluten Meal Benefits

Corn Gluten Meal is mainly used as livestock feed raw material which contains approximately 64% of crude protein. It is one of the rich sources of energy and protein for livestock. Moreover, it is also used in pets because of its rich protein digestibility. 

Due to its high protein amount, Corn Gluten Meal is used as an ideal alternative to the other ingredients like Soybean Meal and fish meal. It is a good source of energy and has rich gross energy value with easy energy digestibility. Corn Gluten Meal has rich yellow xanthophyll which is ideal for pigmentation in poultry.

Usage of Corn Gluten Meal 

Corn gluten meal is also widely used in the poultry industry as a good source of protein. It is ideal to be used in livestock feed to help animals grow faster and give them more energy. 

It's vital to remember that because corn gluten provides both protein and energy, the feed's relative economic worth mostly depends on the price of maize and a protein supplement such as soybean meal.

Corn gluten has an energy valve comparable to corn, however, the difference is that the energy in corn originates from starch, whereas the energy in gluten comes from the dietary fiber level. It also contains a small quantity of fat which tends to increase the diet's energy density.