Some Interesting Attributes Regarding Rice DDGS

Some Interesting Attributes Regarding Rice DDGS

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  • 2022-01-24
Some Interesting Attributes Regarding Rice DDGS

There are many companies available in the field of animal feed manufacturers each with a large production capacity to match any demand. Many well-known and famous firms play a prominent role in the cattle and poultry farm feed industry. Cattle and animals of the best breed are constantly in demand and providing them with good food is essential for keeping them fit. People are investing enormous sums of money in the animal feed production business, which enhances competition and, as a result, the end-user receives a better product. For healthy cattle, it's critical to choose the best Rice DDGS.

The full term of DDGS is distilled dried grains with soluble. To understand why it is ideal for your animals, learn about its nutritional benefits.

  • Protein Min 45%
  • 10% Maximum Moisture
  • Fats 5%
  • Fibre 6-7% 
  • Sand Silica 1-3 percentage 
  • Calories per kilogramme (Kcal/kg) 2800-3200
  • Pepsin Digestibility Minimum of 85%

Feed your cattle DDGS-formulated diets to get the following results:

  • Feeding DDGS formulated to feed animals promotes excellent animal health
  • Improves cattle performance.
  • Helps to improve longer shelf life 
  • High nutritional content
  • The product is rich and high in fat.

When it comes to choosing the greatest feed product, a little study should be done beforehand. A little study will lead you to the finest in class Rice DDGS for your livestock, which will be useful to your animals and eventually to your customers. If you have livestock, you must take excellent care of them, and the first step toward their wellbeing is to provide them high-quality food so that they may recover their health. Livestock are live beings who ought to be treated with respect.