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Prorich Agro Foods is engaged in manufacturing and supply of protein supplements for animal feeds. The company prides itself in playing a key role in the introduction of non-conventional cost effective nutritional alternatives like Rice DDGS and Roasted Guar Korma in the animal feed industry of the northern Indian region.

The company has been able to capture major key clientele in the northern region and sprawling voraciously across the nation reeling in the feed market of all the four zones of India. Going forward, the company plans to set a foot in the global market in its attempt to tread the path towards further exponential growth.

Apart from providing premium quality products, impeccable service, timely delivery and competitive prices, the company treasures the status it has achieved for bringing ethics into business. Although it has already roped in big brand names in feed industry today, the directors of the company feel they have just touched the tip of the iceberg and shall focus on increasing the reach to explore newer and diversified markets.

Prorich Agro is a unit of the SSL Group. Established in 1972, SSL Group has emerged as a trustworthy entity engaged in the importing and trading business. In the four decades of its operation, the company has evolved to be a formidable player in the industry.

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Mr. Chirag Garg

Mr. Chirag Garg

Founder and Director

ProRich Agro

An able entrepreneur, a business enthusiast and a passionate individual, Mr Chirag Garg entered this industry with a novel idea of creating awareness about this rich alternative source of protein for cattle which was otherwise faintly known in this trade. After completing his Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai, he undertook extensive corporate experiences before settling into his family business. Realizing the potential of this booming industry he foraged into what he believes is a sustainable business in this competitive market and the results are for all to see. Under his leadership, the company grew exponentially in the small period since its inception and his future expansion plans suitably depicts him as an entrepreneur with a vision.

When asked about his business formula, he says, “We work on a triple sine qua non approach – quality, in-time delivery and reasonable pricing and that has worked wonders for us till now and hopefully going forward.”

Apart from his work, he indulges in a lot of social work and travels for pleasure.

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Mr. Rajiv Garg

Managing Director

SSL Group

The founder of SSL group, Mr Rajiv Garg is not only well known in the business circle of the northern region for his success in the trade but also for the social activities he undertakes for the betterment of the community as a whole.

After successfully flourishing in his existing business, he believed in expanding to this new field giving wings to the ideas of his son but supplementing it with his experience and acumen to make it a viable endeavour.

“We keep on bringing the requisite changes in our organization in accordance with the changes in the industry”, says Mr Rajiv Garg on what makes them a niche in this business. Apart from giving the best in terms of quantity and quality to its clients, Mr Rajiv Garg assures that the company fulfils its moral and social obligations by adhering to strict ethical practices in its business operations.