Roasted Guar Korma in India

Roasted Guar Korma Manufacturers in India

What is Roasted Guar Korma?

Roasted Guar Korma is fundamentally the germ part of Guar seed and has gained popularity because of being free of any kind of chemicals. We are purely Roasted Guar Korma Manufacturers in India It also accounts for being a 100% natural product and is a certified non-GMO plant in India. Further processing is done keeping in mind its digestibility and palatability. The process mainly involves sterilization and roasting which ensures it is free of any anti-nutritive elements. 

Roasted Guar Korma Meal Suppliers and Exporters in India

Prorich Agro Private Limited is a prominent Roasted Guar Korma Meal Suppliers and Exporters in India. We offer a wide range of health benefits at the cheapest cost. 

Key Benefits

  • Only product with ZERO TOXICITY
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Higher energy and fat content
  • Low on less digestible fiber
  • Best alternative for synthetic feeds
  • Doesn’t contain trypsin inhibitor

Why use Roasted Guar Korma?

Our Roasted Guar Korma is known for the balanced nutritional content it has to offer. Amino acids coming from a high protein and energy proportion are the key factors determining its nutritive value. It is only of the few products from India which is exported across the Globe mainly Europe owing to its USP of ZERO toxicity. 

For Cattle:

Using roasted guar korma allows for enhanced profitability through its high protein content. The same reason also makes it a great alternative for soybean meal which is comparatively expensive. It is an ideal choice for feed because of the presence of carbohydrates as well.

For Poultry:

Increased feed conversion will be noticed when guar korma is used as a key ingredient of poultry feed for a certain time period. The lack of trypsin inhibitor also removes the hindrance usually faced, that is use of leguminous meals in poultry diets.

For Fish:

Fish have a delicate digestive system and protein is very important for their diets to be rich and digestive systems to functioning well. This protein usually becomes the expensive part of the entire feed and having an alternative like Corn Gluten Meal, Rice Gluten, Guar Korma adds the protein value at much reasonable pricing.

Nutritional Values

  • Protein – 52% or 55%
  • Moisture – 6-8%
  • Fiber – 4-8%
  • Sand silica – Less than 2%
  • Fat – 5%
  • Aflatoxins – ZERO
  • Trypsin inhibitor – Less than 1
  • Pepsin digestibility – 90%
  • Energy – 2550-2700 kcal/kg


Prorich Agro Private Limited is a prominent Rice DDGS Manufacturers in India. Rice DDGS or Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles are the best replacement protein in the cattle, aqua and poultry feed. 

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Prorich Agro Private Limited is counted among the Best Corn DDGS Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Corn Dried Distillers Grains with Soluble (DDGS) is one of the popular, affordable and suitable alternative food ingredients for the cattle and poultry diet. 

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Corn Gluten Meal

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the best Corn Gluten Meal Manufacturers in India. This meal contains insoluble proteins with less quantity of fiber and starch fractions. It is used due to its high protein content, rich nutrient density and high energy.

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Corn Gluten Feed

Pro-rich Agro Private Limited is one of the prominent Corn Gluten Feed Manufacturers in India. Corn Gluten Feed (CGF) is a by-product obtained from the production of cornstarch and corn syrup. It is a protein feed that contains digestible nutrients the same as barley.

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Rice Gluten

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the topmost Rice Gluten Meal Manufacturers in India. We are offering high nutrition feed for poultry farms, cattle and aqua farms.

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Turmeric DOC

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the prominent Turmeric DOC Manufacturers in India. This type of feed supplement is widely utilised in varied concentrations.

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Sunflower DOC

Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. Sunflower meal contains an excellent level of methionine which provides potential advantages for mixing with other meals. DOCs are manufactured with the use of specialized technique, which keeps the nutritional content intact.

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Customer Feedback
Prorich Agro Private Limited is a place where we have been purchasing a lot of animal feed like Rice DDGS, Corn Gluten Meal and Rice Gluten for the past five years. The team of prorich is very helpful and also gives great advice. Highly recommended.

Akash Raj

Thank you prorich agro for delivering the best quality Rice DDGS that i was looking for. It really proved helpful and good animal feed for my livestock.

Jaskirat januja

I would like to thank Prorich Agro for supplying meat bone meal and rice gluten that are rich in quality and affordability.

Jaswinder singh

Prorich agro delivers protein rich and high energy animal feed in the market. We are very satisfied with their products. Highly recommended!

Jaskaran singh

Prorich Agro is the best destination where we buy different animal feeds for livestock. The company not only supplies the right product but also offers the best discount. Thank you Prorich Agro.


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