Corn Gluten Meal India

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the major Corn Gluten Meal Manufacturers in India. This meal contains insoluble proteins with less quantity of fiber and starch fractions. It is used due to its high protein content, pigments, rich nutrient density, and high energy. Corn gluten meal is an efficient digestive product having high energy value and thus utilized as a poultry meal for broilers, laying hens, chickens, etc.

Corn Gluten Meal Manufacturers In India

The conventional diet used in livestock is corn (Energy) and soybean meal (Protein), but the ever- increasing cost of conventional feedstuffs for livestock and poultry has led to an increase in the cost of production. Therefore the industry needed new-age products with reliable data on their nutrient composition, feeding value, and effective level of inclusion. The high energy and good digestible protein in Rice DDGS makes it an ideal protein alternative to partially replace the expensive traditional raw materials in poultry, cattle, and aqua feed industry.

Product Specifications

Protein 25-28% 32-35%
Moisture Less than 12% Less than 12%
Fiber 4-7% 4-7%
Fat 8-12% 5-8%
Phosphorus Less than 1% Less than 1%
Energy 3500kcal/kg 3500kcal/kg

Maize Gluten Meal Supplier In India

Being a trusted Rice DDGS Supplier, Exporters in India, Prorich Agro Private Limited strives to deliver excellence in its core product every single day. Rice DDGS can account for at least 20 percent of the cattle feed. The results of this would be equivalent production of milk and probably more in comparison to the results from traditional feed mix.
Rice DDGS can also be an ingredient for poultry diets but one can't go overboard. A reserved amount of 5-8% would result in excellent meat and egg quality. A conservative value of 3% is strongly recommended in aqua feed diet to significantly reduce the cost of feed production without any effect on the quality of feed :

  • Well-accepted product in the Indian feed industry
  • Excellent energy source
  • The favorable amino acid profile
  • High Protein Content
  • Low, fibre content of 2-3%

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