Rice Protein Meal in India

Rice Protein meal is a by-product of wet milling of rice obtained during starch extraction. It is a highly digestible and sustainable alternative protein source and has the potential to replace soya in livestock feed diets in a big way. The low aflatoxin levels, high amino acid content and whitish fine powder appearance has made it an excellent choice of pet food, aqua and poultry feed industry for international markets. PRORICH is the one of the leading Rice Protein Meal manufacturers in India and is exporting the high grade 60% minimum Rice Protein Meal to Europe and Asia markets. The knowledge of the product, stringent quality testing and inspection before dispatch is the forte of PRORICH as a mainstream Rice Protein Suppliers in India.

Key benefits:

  • High methionine content
  • Excellent palatability
  • Free from rancidity and toxicity
  • High nutritional value

Product Specifications

Protein 45% 60%
Moisture 8-12% 8-12%
Fiber 3-5% 3-5%
Fat 5% 5%
Sand Silica Max 1% Max 1%
Energy 3200-3500kcal/kg 3200-3500kcal/kg
Appearance Whitish/Light Brown Powder Whitish/Light Brown Powder

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