Corn DDGS in India

Corn DDGS Manufacturers in India

Prorich Agro Private Limited is counted among the Best Corn DDGS Manufacturers in India. Corn Dried Distillers Grains with Soluble (DDGS) is one of the popular, affordable and suitable alternative food ingredients for the cattle and poultry diet. 

It is enriched with high protein, lysine content and has high energy. Corn DDGS has a high rate of digestibility which makes it an ideal substitute for traditional feed sources such as soybean meal, corn, rapeseed meal among others. 

Maize DDGS Suppliers and Exporters in India by Prorich Agro

If you want guarantees, we are pleased to serve you. Prorich Agro is formed by spending time on research, innovation and creation of the best distillers grains available in the market. Prorich Agro is a prime choice for Maize DDGS Suppliers and Exporters in India beginning from physical characteristics such as easier pelleting to an enhanced bottom line for your process.

Why do you choose Prorich Agro?

We use the latest technology and engineering to offer you nutrient-dense, highly consistent and excellent digestible feed products available in the market. We use less-intensive processes to create a highly digestible DDGS, allowing you to boost profits and improve animal performance. Our meticulous distribution method ensures that no cross-contamination occurs, preserving nutrient value and ensuring on-time delivery.

Use of Corn DDGS on different livestock- 

  • Cattle- When corn DDGS is utilised as a feed ingredient, feed efficiency can be improved. The need for a supplement for the feed can decrease if corn DDGS is utilised. 
  • Poultry- The feed cost can gradually reduce when soya is replaced with corn DDFS in the diet. By using it, the best layer can be found with the best egg quality. Various farmers recognised the better inner quality and yolk color of eggs by using corn DGGS in their diet. 
  • Fish- Corn DDGS is the best source of energy for fish. Including this in feed ultimately helps in improving the weight of fish. 


Prorich Agro Private Limited is a prominent Rice DDGS Manufacturers in India. Rice DDGS or Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles are the best replacement protein in the cattle, aqua and poultry feed. 

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Corn Gluten Meal

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the best Corn Gluten Meal Manufacturers in India. This meal contains insoluble proteins with less quantity of fiber and starch fractions. It is used due to its high protein content, rich nutrient density and high energy.

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Corn Gluten Feed

Pro-rich Agro Private Limited is one of the prominent Corn Gluten Feed Manufacturers in India. Corn Gluten Feed (CGF) is a by-product obtained from the production of cornstarch and corn syrup. It is a protein feed that contains digestible nutrients the same as barley.

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Roasted Guar Korma

Roasted Guar Korma is fundamentally the germ part of Guar seed and has gained popularity because of being free of any kind of chemicals. It also accounts for being a 100% natural product and is a certified non-GMO plant in India.

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Rice Gluten

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the topmost Rice Gluten Meal Manufacturers in India. We are offering high nutrition feed for poultry farms, cattle and aqua farms.

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Turmeric DOC

Prorich Agro Private Limited is one of the prominent Turmeric DOC Manufacturers in India. This type of feed supplement is widely utilised in varied concentrations.

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Sunflower DOC

Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. Sunflower meal contains an excellent level of methionine which provides potential advantages for mixing with other meals. DOCs are manufactured with the use of specialized technique, which keeps the nutritional content intact.

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Customer Feedback
Prorich Agro Private Limited is a place where we have been purchasing a lot of animal feed like Rice DDGS, Corn Gluten Meal and Rice Gluten for the past five years. The team of prorich is very helpful and also gives great advice. Highly recommended.

Akash Raj

Thank you prorich agro for delivering the best quality Rice DDGS that i was looking for. It really proved helpful and good animal feed for my livestock.

Jaskirat januja

I would like to thank Prorich Agro for supplying meat bone meal and rice gluten that are rich in quality and affordability.

Jaswinder singh

Prorich agro delivers protein rich and high energy animal feed in the market. We are very satisfied with their products. Highly recommended!

Jaskaran singh

Prorich Agro is the best destination where we buy different animal feeds for livestock. The company not only supplies the right product but also offers the best discount. Thank you Prorich Agro.


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