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Corn DDGS Manufacturers & Suppliers in India


Corn DDGS Manufacturers in India - Maize/Corn DDGS is valuable feed ingredients, rich in protein, moderately rich in fat and relatively poor in fiber, and can be fed to all classes of livestock .It is produced by a dry-grind process in which corn kernels are not divided into many products and only one by-product is formed.

Corn DDGS / Maize DDGS is known for its easily digestible nature and is used to feed cattle, poultry animals and fish.

It is rich in potassium and other nutrients required maintaining the health of domesticated animals. As premier manufacturers and suppliers of Maize DDGS, we make sure that you get the best feed for your livestock.


Protein 30 – 32%
Fibre 3 – 5%
Energy 3810 kcal/kg
Fat 11%
Phosphorus Less than 1%
Appearance Yellowish